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Enjoy the freedom in handpan music
with our stage ready standalone instrument

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NEOTONE¹ arrived with an updated hardware and an improved software. The standard NEOTONE¹ digital handpan has the beta model's best features and now it is developed into the final conception, ideal to be used in the studio and on the stage as well! Instrument comes with a semi-hard case, charger, and a 3-year warranty.

€2.450 +VAT

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Each tonefield on this model has a separate area where extra notes can be added for handpan scales and midi use! In addition, this model has an LCD screen that helps you navigate between scales and displays key usage information. Instrument comes with a semi-hard case, charger, and a 3-year warranty.

€3.150 +VAT

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Our beta instruments helped putting NEOTONE digital handpans on the global world market by shipping them into more than twenty countries worldwide. Both professional collaborators and amateur musicians were amazed by the beta model and based on this positive feedback the first official NEOTONE digital handpan models (NEOTONE¹ and NEOTONE¹ MUTANT) could be created!





NEOTONE digital handpans' sensors detect hit strength, static pressure and position simultaneously.  This makes it possible to play not just one, but several tones within each tonefield depending on the position, that adds to the real magic of the acoustic handpan!

  • Tonefields have 7 different tones on 10-15 velocities.

  • The Ding has 9 different tones on 10-20 velocities.

  • Body sounds on 18 tones with 5-10 velocitioes.

Each live scale consists of typically 1000-1500 unique samples, providing NEOTONE with a deep, rich sound.





The instrument comes with 6 full unique handpan scales and offers the possibility of creating custom scales. This feature provides you with unlimited freedom to unleash your creative energy and build any scale you've dreamed of.

Magnificent light show at _jackjack_bron for my last concert, my friend _william_belle_pho

NEOTONE can be seamlessly integrated into any musical environment, making it easy to blend the unique sound of the handpan into various styles.

Following my dreams always, no matters what. And you Let me know in the comments Stay stro

You can compose music or practice without disturbing anyone around you. Even children can play music with NEOTONE, unlike acoustic handpans, which can be difficult for them.

Abban a szerencsében lehet részem, hogy én is tesztelhetem ezt a csodálatos instrumentumot

Add color and a new perspective to your handpan music with the unlimited possibilities of the world of MIDI.




line out, headphones, midi in/out, foot pedals.



48kHz 32bit studio quality samples, 1300 samples per scale.


Basic scales

B-Amara, C-Aegean, C# Pygmy, D-Kurd, F#2 Pygmy, G-Romanian Hijaz, and the ability to create any custom scales.



built-in 7800mAh Li-Ion battery, with 8 hours battery life and USB charging.


Size and weight

diameter: 47cm, height: 16cm, weight: 3.5kg. (also depends on the type of the material)



natural wooden body (various woods will be available), with pleasant touch fabric covered tonefields.



interfaces WiFi for software- and scale updates.


Owner's manual

View the latest user manual (pdf)



Semi-hard instrument case and 12 V power cable. (EU standard)


  • What company made NEOTONE?
    NEOTONE is manufactured by Soundventure Ltd, located in Budapest, Hungary. The instrument came to life from a dream of two friends who wanted to create a digital handpan. It started as a love project and after a few years of development, the company was founded in 2021 with the support of international handpan makers.
  • Who is NEOTONE ideal for?
    If you are a musician that uses a digital workstation, has electronic music concepts and wants to incorporate the handpan sound into your music or performances, or if you work in a stage or studio environment, then the NEOTONE is designed for you.
  • Does playing on the NEOTONE feel the same as an acoustic handpan?
    The number of producible tones on an acoustic instrument is nearly infinite. The sound waves extend beyond the audible range, originating directly from the instrument. On digital instruments, the range of tone variations is limited. The quality of sound and overall experience depends entirely on the sound equipment available to you. The sound doesn't emanate directly from the instrument, but from a different direction, with different volume and frequency ranges, creating a different experience from traditional acoustic playing.
  • Is the NEOTONE mutant the same as a real mutant handpan?
    No. In the NEOTONE mutant model, the extra notes do not have a completely separate tonefield, but a distinct area within each tonefield is available to play them. Gentle, precise playing is required to play the extra notes well.
  • I am a beginner, do you recommend NEOTONE for me?
    For beginners we rcommend the NEOTONE¹ model. The NEOTONE¹ MUTANT model is recommended for more experienced and precise players. However, experience in creating electronic music and knowledge about digital instruments is essential for you even if you are a beginner or an expert handpan player.
  • Is any additional equipment or hardware required to make sound with the NEOTONE?
    The NEOTONE is a standalone digital instrument with its own sound engine and does not require a computer. However, it does not have built-in speakers, sound can be played through one of its audio outputs.
  • Can effects be applied to the NEOTONE's sound?
    The current software version does not include built-in sound effects, but like an electric guitar, external effects can be connected to it, such us Strymon Nightsky, Hologram Microcosm etc..
  • What scales can the NEOTONE play?
    Currently, 6 scales are available on the instrument, including B-Amara, C-Aegean, C# Pygmy, D-Kurd, F#2 Pygmy and G-Romanian Hijaz. The majority of the scales are digitized from MAG Instruments handpans, but the starter pack also includes one Yishama scale.
  • Is it possible to create a custom scale?
    Yes, but it may not have the same cohesive sound as an acoustic instrument. There is a chance that disharmony may occur between certain sound samples if they are chosen from scales with vastly different moods.
  • Does NEOTONE have speakers?
    No. You can play it via the line out and headphone connectors. In order for the NEOTONE to sound beautifully, professional audio gear and speakers are recommended, which go beyond the resources and dimensions of the instrument.
  • Is it possible to integrate body sounds into my performance with NEOTONE?
    Yes, you can integrate body sounds into your play as the instrument responds differently to different parts of the body, similar to an acoustic instrument.
  • Is it possible to use the NEOTONE as a MIDI keyboard or input device?
    Yes, the NEOTONE can be utilized both as a MIDI keyboard (through its MIDI out) and as a MIDI device (through its MIDI input). You can also assign separate MIDI notes to the tone-fields and to the body.
  • What types of foot pedals can be connected to the NEOTONE?
    The NEOTONE features two volume/expression pedal connection options which can be assigned to different settings of the instrument through the interface.
  • Is the NEOTONE a portable and battery-powered instrument?
    Yes, the NEOTONE has an estimated battery life of 8 hours of continuous use. It comes with a charger, which can be used to charge the device whether it is being played or not.



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